Ariel Harris Roberson (lt.) is a business litigator and Amber Payton (rt.) is an organizational psychologist. They are located in North Carolina.

Ariel Harris Roberson (lt.) is a business litigator and Amber Payton (rt.) is an organizational psychologist.

About Us

Garden St., Inc. sprouted from our passion for educating youth about the monumental, yet underrated achievements and contributions of Africans around the globe. We aim to teach these lessons in a fun, new and exciting way!

For a child, one of the most powerful symbols of stability, progression, and truth, is the home.  For us, our Grandma Harris’ house at 702 Garden Street was that symbol. Garden Street was the main place for family gatherings, demonstrations of love, soaking up knowledge, and gaining a respect for our heritage and history. As we grew older, the values instilled in us at Grandma’s house sparked a curiosity that led to explorations of our global African family. What we realized is this: In order to strengthen the foundation laid by our parents, grandparents, and extended family, we needed to understand the contributions made by our distant relatives in ancient and present times.

Our quest to find out who our people were before slavery transformed itself into a children’s book series, starring Sierra and Chad.  Sierra and Chad’s Stone Adventures takes children on a journey with a young brother and sister (named after African countries) who visit ancient African people, civilizations, and cultures.  The lessons learned in this series will fill children with a sense of pride in their heritage, in their people, and in themselves – representation matters!

We hope you take this journey with us and explore the ancient world through your child’s eyes.  You’ll enjoy every adventure!


It is our mission to teach every child that:

  • they come from royalty;
  • they are the direct offspring of kings and queens who reigned for thousand years;
  • they are the direct offspring of the strongest Africans who survived one of the most devastating holocausts in human history;
  • their ancestors are the world’s first rulers, explorers , inventors, scientists, physicians; domesticators, agriculturalists, musicians, artists, etc.; and
  • their ancestors birthed mankind.

With this in mind, it is Garden St. Inc.’s purpose to research the rich historical past of the global African family and present the information to young minds in a way that is fun and easy to understand.  We strongly believe that it takes a village to empower our most precious asset – the youth. Our youth; our truth!


Our vision is to become the leader in children’s book and other products focused on African achievements.  We strive to be a household name known for the rich and cultural information we bring to children.